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1999 - Nationals Run

posted Jul 16, 2012, 10:48 AM by Rice Rugby

It was a weird one that year - LSU won Texas, and through some provision in the rules, we were able to challenge them to some sort of... "challenge match," which was played at their home field (somewhere in Baton Rouge, anyway). I guess they had to accept the challenge, I don"t know why they would have, otherwise, but it was a fantastic game where we came from behind in the last seconds, on a play where I stole a lineout, then a breakdown or two later, spun the ball out to Drew Rascoe, who made an incredible run outside, made it just far enough to the outside of the defender, and as he was carrying the defender forward through the tackle, was able to stretch out and put the ball ON THE TRY LINE to win the game. LSU players wept, and we went on to Westerns.

By AB Mendez