History of the club

For historic photos and written history of Rice Rugby, click here.


Nationals (Qualified): 1996-97, 1999-00, 2010-11, 2012-13

Conference Champs: 1992-93*, 1994-95, 1995-96*, 1996-97, 2010-11*

Western Regional (Qualified): 1988-89, 1992-93**, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97**, 1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-2000**, 2010-11**

* = undefeated in Cup play, along with 1993-94 (Lost in TX Finals)

** = Western runner-ups

Past Leaders of Rice Rugby Football Club:

Founded in 1968 by Stewart Morris, Jr.

 Season   Captain     President 
 79-80  S. Knapp 
 82-83D. Schafer  
 83-84D. Schafer 
 84-85 W. Keneally  
 85-86W. Keneally  
 86-87M. Morehouse  
 87-88H. Holdman  
 88-89P. Meyer  
 89-90P. Meyer  
 90-91K. Couch S. Park 
 92-93M. Roberts R. Nassar 
 93-94D. Garguilo  
 94-95J. Miller  
 95-96B. Hutchinson T. Bennet 
 96-97R. Ahn K. Hammerdick
 97-98T. Hutchinson C. Reddig 
 98-99N. Hester  
 99-00S. Vaughn J. Schifflett 
 03-04J. White J. Brawley 
 04-05E. Vigen E. McGuire 
 05-06T. Greene  G. Marcek 
 06-07G. Marcek J. Balthrop 
 07-08S. Monks T. Deitch 
 08-09M. Fernandez T. Deitch 
 09-10M. Taylor K. Wilson 
 10-11M. Jones J. Aman 
 11-12B. KohlA. Guerra-Garcia 
 12-13A. Nkama S. Haby