Thinking about joining Rice Rugby?

Rice Rugby, one of the largest and most popular clubs on campus, is always looking for new players. Whether you've played before or are completely new to the sport, Rice Rugby is a great way to get involved in the Rice community, meet people from all 11 colleges, and stay in shape.†

While we are a competitive club sport team that has enjoyed regional and national success,¬† our schedule will also allow time for you to become involved in other activities and commitments on campus.We encourage everyone who is interested in playing for the Rice Rugby Football Club to come join us at one of our practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 6pm at the rugby pitch behind the rec center. We know you'll be hooked.†
Furthermore, joining Rice Rugby will allow you to connect with what is arguably the most supportive alumni network on campus. Many of the past and current players utilize the alumni network to pursue their academic and/or professional goals.†

For more information, please feel free to†contact our Recruiting Chairs Adam Somberg or Greg Flores.

New to the Sport?†

Don't worry! The vast majority of the incoming players had never even touched a rugby ball before joining the club. We have some of the best coaching staff available at the collegiate level. You can be assured that you will learn the sport well, building up from the very basics and perfecting your skills during practice and in games. Mappa del sito